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The Pressing Issue of Our

The pressing issue for people suffering from stress, depression, anxiety or any variation thereof,
is that we want, need, and absolutely require immediate attention.

Unfortunately this generally does not happen.

Most of the self-help
books and tapes are missing a crucial step…a step that must be taken in order to achieve the
relief and controlled order that’s desperately sought.

People under stress read the latest books, listen to the most popular TV Gurus and often pop
the most recently advertised pills endorsed by the pharmaceutical companies who make them,
frequently without positive benefits and side effects that are often worse than the

They will try various methods offering ‘exercises’ designed to reduce the painful symptoms of
stress, anxiety, depression, and frustration, many of which result in notable relief. But, in
practically all cases, the relief that comes from symptom reduction is short lived. Underneath
is a feeling of overwhelming ‘stuckness’ as the person is trapped in a state of ‘negative
inertia’. What can be done?

The Attitude Shifting™ answer is very simple… To obtain long
term mastery over the feelings of anxiety, depression, frustration, and stress you have to
assume the responsibility of addressing the causes not the symptoms by making a CHOICE to
change your ATTITUDE.

Regardless of whether you read this book because you have an issue or you are in a position to
help others with their issues, the use of Attitude Shifting™ will
be empowering.

About the Author

Gibbs A. Williams. Ph.D. is psychoanalyst and supervisor in private practice in New
York. His choice of profession is an outgrowth of three major interests – philosophy, depth
psychology, and spirituality. He received a B.A. from Columbia University, majoring in
philosophy; an M.S. in psychology from Yeshiva University; and a Ph.D. in vocational
rehabilitation counseling from New York University.

Additionally he has taught at other colleges and learning centers in New York. These include
New York University, The New York School For Social Research, Adelphi University, The Discovery
Center, and The Open Center. He is also on the faculty of The Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Study Center, on the alcoholism training faculty.

Gibbs specializes in working with complicated people who tend to view their life as if it were
a four dimensional chess game. Although they are capable of complex perception, they often find
themselves unable to make effective use of their extraordinary gifts. Though each patient is
able to clearly spell out what troubles them, they are initially unable to do anything to

He is militantly opposed to the ”quick fix mentality” in our nation. That
mentality that tends to believe that normal feelings like anxiety and depression are to be
suppressed or dismissed entirely, instead of translating their messages for personal well
being. Gibbs is passionate in his conviction that significant change is possible, but it takes
persistent hard work and a willingness to struggle with struggle.



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